Foodie heaven!

This year we have put together traders from around the world to cater for everyone’s tastes!

We have the British favourites like the Gourmet Farm‘s tender lamb and feta cheese burgers served with their spicy apply chutney and the classic eggs Benedict or brekkie Muffin  served by the Original Fry up.  Of course we have the traditional spit Roast Hog too with the homemade Bramley apply sauce and rocket salad and Camper Catering will tempt you with those 12″ Cumberland sausages and caramelised onions.


For tropical flavours head to Sammy’s Spanish Town Kitchen for the Caribbean jerk chicken, curried goat, rice and peas or to The House of Dodo for the Mauritian coconut beef, creole chicken and spicy Lima beans.

house of dodo

For Asian tastes try Hao Hao Chi‘s Chinese street food with homemade pan fried dumplings or Bang Bang Jackfruit, Shitake mushrooms and tofu for the vegetarians. Oriental Bite specialises in Chinese and Thai delicacies such as Malay Chicken curry and spring rolls. Monami Eat showcases Vietnamese fare with noodle dishes, lemon grass chicken and honey pork.

Monami Eat

If you prefer a middle Eastern theme then go to Lemoun which serves Lebanese fresh felafel wraps and tabouleh or to the Marrakech Kitchen with its grilled harrisa beef steak wraps and chickpea lemon salad.

For those American enthusiasts we have Route 66 Street food such as burritos, quesadillas, nachos and tacos.

route 66 street food

Finally and not to be forgotten is the newly refurbished Clock House Cafe, run by Colicci which even has a wood burning stove for authentic pizzas!

How can any of you foodies resist Dulwich Park Fair?!


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