2023 applications

Application are now open! To apply please go to https://forms.southwark.gov.uk/ShowForm.asp?fm_fid=1794

A very important part of the Fair is the variety of items for sale, food and drink available and the charities we support and we’ve kept our prices as low as possible.

We give priority to local people and local organisations because we are promoting the Dulwich community.

We’re looking for quality and value for money.  We won’t book similar applications twice because we don’t want you to compete with each other!

We have up to:

  • 60 market stalls complete with striped roof and table (approx 2m x 1m) at £80 including VAT
  • 14 hot food catering pitches (3m x 3m) and 3 coffee van pitches (3m x 3m) for tender (no VAT)
  • 15 non catering pitches (3m x 3m) for larger displays where you bring your own gazebo at £120 (no VAT)
  • 4 bar pitches (3m x 3m) for tender (no VAT)
  • 10 free charity pitches (3m x 3m) where you bring your own gazebo or £50 for non-profit organisations including VAT (The charity / nonprofit organisation must be non political and not for religious purposes)

We will not be accepting any applications from organisations that give out or sell single use plastics such as novelty inflatables, balloons, novelty plastic drinks containers or similar.

Please upload pictures of your goods / produce, include prices and give your social media links so we can promote your organisation.

When applications are received that exceed the number of available pitches or the catering/bar offer being made is of the same type as another application, we will be making decisions about which trader to award a pitch to based on the following areas: How local the business is and how locally their food/drink is sourced and produced; the potential interest visitors to the event will have in their offer; the quality of the ingredients used; the options available for heathy eating; the value offered; how sustainable all parts of their operation are; confirmation that all food and drink containers are sustainable in terms of production and disposal, there are no plastics straws, no glass and cutlery is not made of plastic; the amount the trader is willing to pay for the pitch.

Stall holders will be expected to pay for their pitch a minimum of 2 weeks before the Fair. If we are forced to cancel the event due to COVID regulations stall holders will, of course, receive a full refund.


To apply online please go to:https://forms.southwark.gov.uk/ShowForm.asp?fm_fid=1794

The deadline for applications is 28th February for catering, bar and coffee pitches and 28th April for all other applications. Any late applications received will only be considered if there are any pitches unfilled or if any further pitches become available.